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Vegetable Soup with Corn Dumplings

This is one of my go-to winter soups. I used a lot of the veggies that I froze over the summer: green beans (in place of the canned beans), zucchini, yellow squash, corn and tomatoes. I also added onion, carrots and part of a huge sweet potato purchased more recently (I boiled and froze the rest of the sweet potato for later use). I used vegetable broth that I made in my slow cooker today (using a recipe from Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker Cookbook).

The recipe makes a ton of soup. I have four pints to take for lunches this week and still more to have with dinner throughout the week.

Close-up of the dumplings.

It’s important to store the dumplings separately from the soup, otherwise, they’ll dissolve into it.

I didn’t have one of the corn dumplings tonight. Instead, I had a cup of the soup with a fried flounder sandwich. I used New Belgium’s Snow Day in the batter for the flounder (and omitted the nuts).


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I am a genealogist based on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I also like food and try to eat as locally and sustainably as possible. I have blogs about both!

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