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Garden Update: Tales of Kale and Compost

Itty bitty baby kale plants!

Well, that was fast! My kale seeds have already sprouted. I’ve been keeping the first four pots of seeds out on my front porch during the day, where they’ll get the most sun. I noticed the first little bit of green in the kale pot when I moved them outside this morning. By noon, all of the seeds had sprouted. Yay!

Now, on to more challenging matters. It’s warmed up so fast, that I didn’t deal too well with the compost material I’ve been gathering over the winter. Each time I’ve made a dish using veggies over the past few months, I’ve put the vegetable waste into the compost bin, which I kept next to my kitchen door for easy access. What I hadn’t been adding enough of was the brown stuff — paper and the like. Add warm temperatures and boom — fruit-fly explosion.

I’ve since moved the bin into a sunny spot on the lawn to heat things up and I’ve been adding shredded* junk mail, napkins, paper towels, etc., whenever possible. I think I’ve just about corrected the green-to-brown-matter ratio. I left the bin open for a good bit today to let it dry out some too. Now, I’ve got a swarm of the little pests outside my kitchen door, but the exterminators were just out to do a general spraying and they said the flies should dissipate soon. Phew!

* I spent a good hour unjamming my shredder today after it got stuck chewing up some old product catalogs from my scrapbooking business. Blargh.

Then, I turned my attention to the remaining seeds I have yet to start. I read up on how to germinate each variety and made a little calendar to remind myself when I should start what. Unfortunately, I’ve waited too long to try celery this season. It should be started 10-12 weeks before the last frost. We may have another good frost or two left in this season, but they’re certainly not that far out. I’ll hang onto those seeds for 2013.

I almost panicked when I read how long it takes to get lavender going from seed: one to three months! I quickly seeded some in an old paper egg carton. With luck, I’ll have some lavender to plant out front by the end of June.

Next: I need to draw up where in that big VegTrug I’m going to plant each thing. Some plants will require more root space than others and since I’m staggering them, I need to make sure the right space is reserved for each.


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I am a genealogist based on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I also like food and try to eat as locally and sustainably as possible. I have blogs about both!

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