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Return of the Bison Burger (also, this blog and some other stuff)

I finally cooked something again! I made mushroom bison cheeseburgers, along with honey-glazed carrots, served with some pasta salad (not made by me). The burgers had sliced rainbow longhorn cheese from the Easton Amish market and sliced and sauteed cremini mushrooms I picked up at Easton Market Square today. The carrots came from Provident Organic Farm and I used this recipe to make them.

I cooked the burgers in my grill pan for the first time. I really liked the way they turned out, though my house filled with smoke. Not enough to set off the smoke detector, but enough to make pretty sunbeams in the bathroom.

As I was making the glaze for the carrots, I admit that I was a bit worried. It smelled so strongly of vinegar. I’m happy to report that the vinegariness cooked away and they just had a very light apple flavor instead. I used unfiltered apple cider vinegar, so your results may vary if you use the Heinz stuff.

The pasta salad was from Piazza Italian Market. I went there for pesto pasta salad and indeed this was labelled pesto pasta salad, but it was not, at least not traditional, pesto pasta salad. It had a lot of cheese and sliced almonds and a few bits of asparagus. Aside from not really being pesto pasta salad, it was quite yummy.

Garden Update:

After a toasty March, April has been a bit chilly. My seedlings have been staying indoors for the most part and therefore haven’t benefited from much direct sun. I have them situated during the day in front of a south-facing window, but it’s just not the same exposure as they get on my front porch. That’s where they were today. So far, I have basil, arugula, carrots and kale that have sprouted. Tomatoes, spinach and parsnip seeds have been sowed.

Baby Kale!

Arugula seedlings.

Barely-there carrots.



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I am a genealogist based on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I also like food and try to eat as locally and sustainably as possible. I have blogs about both!

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