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The Haul: Berrylicious Edition

Strawberries were available at the outdoor farmer’s market this week! I bought two containers.

Also, Provident Organic Farm had these gorgeous red onions. I’m thinking of grilling them for dinner and serving them with some wilted spinach and grilled haloumi cheese, which they have at the cheese counter at the Amish market, of all places. Also toying with the idea of going to the fish market.

Here’s what else I bought:

  • Carrots
  • Granola
  • Vanilla yogurt
  • Spinach
  • A potted rosemary plant (to eventually be transferred to the Vegtrug)
  • Milk
  • A blueberry muffin that I demolished on the way home from the open-air market, which I walked to this morning since it was so nice out.

The kale is coming along nicely.

Carrots -- I need to plant more.

Garden Update:

I had hoped to fill the Vegtrug with soil and compost today and transfer some of the plants, but a storm is supposed to move through. I’m worried about the small plants not weathering it well and also I’m afraid the soil may wash out of the trough since there won’t be many plants holding it in yet. I’ll have to wait another week or two. My compost still needs more time to brew anyways.

I am getting impatient, especially since there are so many plants for sale at the markets. I kind of wish I’d waited to buy those instead of trying seedlings, but I’m already invested in this process, so I shall continue. I have to keep telling myself that it really is still April. My seedlings have plenty of time to grow into the season.

The surviving arugula. I do need to thin one of these plants. Always saddens me to do so...

Well, the ones that survive my ministrations at least. I managed to kill the last remaining arugula seedling from my first planting. The stem snapped as I was thinning out another plant in the same pot. Luckily, the second planting is doing well. I planted a third round in the same pot as the first and one of those has already sprouted.

I’ve also declared my first spinach planting unsuccessful. Nothing has come up yet. I’m soaking a new set of “seeds” to try again. The quotes are because they’re not actually seeds — they’re fruits containing several seeds each. I’m going to soak them for longer this time and may even try breaking one up before planting.

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes -- grow, little guys!

While I wait, I secured a new hose reel to a log border near the spigot outside so I can start using that to water the plants once they’re transplanted. I still need to buy the sprayer nozzle I want (one of those wands).

One thing that is growing gang-busters in my yard is dandelions. Geezy peezy. I deadheaded a bunch of them before mowing the lawn today, catching those pesky seeds in a large paper bag, to try and minimize their further spread.

Another neighbor came over to admire my retro rotary mower today while I was in the backyard. I love it. No gas needed and, as my friend Lorene noted, it’s a great workout. You can’t let the grass go too long between cuttings though. Especially if you have crabgrass, which I also have in abundance (at least it’s not bad yet).

I’ll leave you with this glass of cranberry lemonade (I still have some of the lemonade I bought at the Amish market last weekend). This was the perfect thing to sip after coming in from weeding and mowing. The glass is from Salisbury Pewter.


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I am a genealogist based on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I also like food and try to eat as locally and sustainably as possible. I have blogs about both!

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