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The Haul: Meatatarian Edition

I’ve just completed Week 2 of my allergen elimination diet and I’m already starting to feel better. Surprisingly, I haven’t had many cravings, but it was hard to walk by all the yummy pastries, breads and cheeses at the farmer’s market today. I consoled myself by buying a boatload of things I can eat, primarily meat.

I started at the open-air market (where I ran into my friends Sabrina and Simon, who had a booth about their non-profit Aguayuda — check them out!). I picked up:

  • Carrots
  • Spinach
  • Fresh garlic
  • Asparagus
  • Tomatoes
  • Hot banana peppers
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Eggs
  • Pork chops

I took my loot home and had a quick breakfast of raw cashews and fruit salad made with the berries and some grapes. Then I was off to the library, the Amish market and the seafood market.

The aftermath of the evening’s grilling.

I bought meat, meat and more meat at the Amish market:

  • Apple-maple breakfast sausage
  • Grilling sausage (I can’t remember the exact filling, but I’m pretty sure it has peppers in it)
  • Filet mignon
  • Sliced honey mesquite turkey breast

At my final stop, the seafood market, I bought their last large fillet of wild salmon and some large shrimp.

For lunch, I cooked the breakfast sausage along with an egg and ate that with a spinach and tomato salad. I divvied up the leftover sausage for breakfasts later in the week.

I ended up cooking everything else at dinner. No, I didn’t eat it all — I just wanted to have everything ready for meals throughout the week. I grilled the filet mignon, pork chops and shrimp first. Then I threw some sliced sweet potato in the grill basket and grilled that. The coals were still hot, so I threw on the grilling sausage. Meanwhile, I broiled the salmon with a curry sauce on top.

For dinner, I ate some of the shrimp, some filet mignon, some of the sweet potatoes and a caprese salad (sans cheese). I wasn’t that thrilled with the sweet potatoes — they came out better when I used my grill pan. I’m kicking myself for not grilling the asparagus instead. I might pull out the grill pan for that tomorrow. Everything else came out really well though.

I still have some cooking to do tomorrow. I need to hard-boil some eggs for my breakfasts this week, grill the asparagus and prep some of the carrots for snacks. I’m planning a steak and eggs breakfast with homemade salsa and I’ll probably have one of the grilling sausages and the leftover shrimp for lunch. Not sure what I’ll do for dinner.

See? This diet isn’t so bad. I’m looking forward to reintroducing some staples though. Yogurt and cheese are first on my list. Then beer. 🙂


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I am a genealogist based on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I also like food and try to eat as locally and sustainably as possible. I have blogs about both!

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