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Garden Update + Grill-a-thon

I cut down the arugula in the VegTrug today. What was left was spindly and bolting. I’ll seed some more for the fall at a later date. I also trimmed back my basil and cut down some of the squash leaves. The most exciting moment was harvesting my first two yellow squash. One was huge!

Elsewhere in the garden, I pulled up weeds in the beds lining my driveway and garage and “seed-bombed” them — wildflowers along the garage and black-eyed susans along the driveway. I know it’s late in the season to do so, but fingers crossed I’ll get some non-weed foliage in those barren wastelands soon. If the seeds don’t take, I’m going to transplant some hostas from the front yard to those locations.

In the evening, I had another grill-a-thon. I grilled the bison flank steak and burgers that I bought yesterday, plus some shrimp, the huger of the squashes above and the magda squash I bought at the farmer’s market yesterday (which smelled really good). The bison cooks quickly (the flank steak only needed five minutes per side, not eight like in the recipe, for instance). That allowed the coals to stay hot so I could cook everything else in short order as well.

I also made a sauteed rockfish recipe — or striped bass for you non-locals. It turned out really nicely. I didn’t have clam juice, so I boiled a couple of shrimp, as suggested by one of the recipe reviewers — so good! I also used olive oil in place of the butter and it was still a velvety sauce. I got four meals worth out of that recipe.

Sauteed Rockfish with Lemon-Caper Sauce

My eyes were bigger than my stomach at dinner. I piled my plate with two slices of grilled yellow squash, a skewer of shrimp, some flank steak and a serving of the rockfish. I’m soooo full right now! Everything else I didn’t get to try tonight will be eaten for lunch or dinner (or maybe even breakfast) later in the week.



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I am a genealogist based on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I also like food and try to eat as locally and sustainably as possible. I have blogs about both!

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