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Sunday Special

Tonight’s dinner was exciting for two different reasons. First of all, I re-introduced CHEESE into my diet for the first time in 6 weeks. So far so good. Fingers crossed that there are no issues and I can continue to enjoy this most essential item.

I was debating whether to go French and expensive for my first cheesy trial, but I was afraid of having a reaction and then having a bunch of pricey cheese I couldn’t eat. I settled on simple fresh mozzarella from the local Italian market and made a caprese salad with that, some of my basil and a farmer’s market tomato. Delish.

The other excitement at dinner was this:

Broiled petite filet wrapped in Amish maple bacon with rosemary sprigs.

Oh yeah, it was good. As the meat was finishing in the broiler, I popped a couple of sliced yellow squash from my garden onto the tray in the oven. Served it with my daily cocktail of sparkling water and cranberry juice. Leftovers of everything — already looking forward to dinner tomorrow night!

Sunday dinner.

Garden Update

This heat is absolutely frying my squash plants. Many leaves are crisping up into nothing. I’m still getting a couple fruits from each plant every few days or so. The zucchini plants aren’t producing, but I think they’re too crowded.

My tomatoes have been frustrating me — they’ve produced plenty of fruit, but they aren’t ripening. I read up on how to correct this and pruned back the plants a bit yesterday. I noticed a few already starting to redden today, but on closer inspection, they all had end rot. Bah! There’s no quick fix for that from what I’ve found. I’ve picked off those fruits and I’m going to back off on the watering a bit to see if that helps.

In other news, while trying to weed around my pumpkin plant early on Friday, I noticed there weren’t just bees perusing the clover that has taken over my lawn. There were yellow jackets flitting about too. I. Hate. Yellow jackets.

I tried to figure out where they were coming from with no luck. I’m assuming they have a nest in the ground nearby. I definitely don’t want to find it accidentally. The past couple of days I haven’t noticed as much activity from them, so maybe they were just passing through. I’m going to keep an eye out though. Those things are nasty evil when they are stirred up.

In the good news category, two of my kale plants are still producing (love roasted kale) and I have one good size green pepper almost ready to pick (wish there were more though).

I’ve started compiling a list of lessons learned for next year’s garden. Here’s what I have so far:

  • Plant the squash and zucchini on the ground and further apart
  • Peppers should be in their own container(s)
  • Plant spinach earlier
  • Plant garlic; plant more carrots and onions
  • Carve out a new plot for in-ground planting or a raised bed (there’s a portion of my lawn that is perfect for this)
  • Put in raspberries and blackberries behind the Vegtrug — it’s just wasted space right now.

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I am a genealogist based on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I also like food and try to eat as locally and sustainably as possible. I have blogs about both!

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