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The Haul: Black Saturday Edition, Plus Adventures in Dehydration

I’ve been traveling the past two weekends and didn’t make it to the Easton farmer’s markets. Yesterday, I did hit one of the farmer’s markets in Richmond with relatives and it was fantastic! Here’s what I picked up:

  • Cinnamon molasses cashew butter
  • Kettle corn
  • Fresh ginger
  • Oyster and porcini mushrooms
  • Gluten-free, egg-free pasta (made from corn flour!)
  • 2 phenomenal food truck fish tacos (gosh, were those good!)

I also ventured to the Penzey’s spice store in Richmond and picked up two sausage seasoning mixes, some poppy seeds, Chinese mustard powder and a Greek seasoning mix. I can’t wait to try the seasoning mixes.

For lunch today, I made some of the pasta with the oyster mushrooms. A pasta purist may have sneered at the texture of the pasta, but it suited me just fine. It’s been almost 6 months since I’ve eaten anything pasta-like.


Adventures in Dehydration

Dried apple and pear slices cooling off before jarring them.

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a dehydrator, which I mentioned in my last blog post. I’ve been experimenting with it a bit. Last week, I dried sliced apple and pear slices and they came out splendidly. Normally, I can’t eat raw tree-borne fruit, but once it’s cooked, I can. Drying the fruit produces the same result. The taste of dried fruit is closer to that of fresh, so I am ecstatic that I can eat the fruit slices.

I have more pear slices drying right now. I tried some of both dipped in the cashew butter I bought yesterday — so good! I’m pondering using some of the dried apple pieces in a future batch of breakfast sausage.

Last night, I dried the porcini mushrooms that I bought at the farmer’s market. This way, I can take my time figuring out how to use them in a recipe — I just need to pop them in some broth or hot water to rehydrate  before cooking with them.

Dried porcini ‘shrooms.


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I am a genealogist based on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I also like food and try to eat as locally and sustainably as possible. I have blogs about both!

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