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The Haul: Busy Day Edition


Meet Maggie!

The Easton Farmer’s Market returned today and what a perfect day for it too! My haul was kind of small because I already had a lot of fresh produce at home:

  • Lettuce
  • Yellow onions
  • Honey
  • Bison brisquet
  • Bison bulk burger
  • Bison chew sticks
  • Chamomile tea
  • Dog cookies

What’s with the dog treats you ask? Maggie is my new garden companion! Here she is enjoying one of the chew sticks.

photo(1) copy

Maggie really enjoyed meeting all of the other dogs at the market.

When we got home, we spent most of the day in the garden. I planted four raspberry canes and set up my Nourishmat. This is a really cool idea that originated at the University of Maryland. It’s a complete system for planting vegetables, herbs and flowers in your yard.

photo(1) copy 2

This photo was taken in the middle of using the incorporated drip system to water the mat. It doesn’t look like it, but this area gets plenty of sun during the day. I planted seed balls for a number of items — from chard to cilantro to dill. It will be interesting to see how this does. I put it in an area of my lawn that I hate to mow due to its shape. I tried raking away as much of the grass and weeds as I could, but there was still quite a bit left. My hope is the mat will smother what was left behind — we’ll see.

Last weekend, I set up another garden area using a very large grow bag. I haven’t planted anything in it yet — it is reserved for warmer weather produce like squash. Today, I set up the chicken-wire fence around it to prevent cats from using it as a litter box (there was evidence of that happening already).

photo(2) copy

Also last weekend, I planted lettuce, carrots, kale, arugula and onions in my Vegtrug. I spied a few seedlings peeking out today. A couple of weeks ago, I planted blackberry canes and I noticed new growth on those today. Neither the blackberry nor raspberry plants will produce much this year, if at all, but here’s hoping for a few to snack on.

Last, but not least, I picked up 15 bags of mulch today and will probably need to go back for more. I’m going to start putting down newsprint and layering mulch on top in my flower beds tomorrow. Fingers crossed that the newsprint keeps down the worst of the weeds.

Needless to say, Maggie is exhausted from all of her adventures today. She’s snoring away as I type up this post.


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I am a genealogist based on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I also like food and try to eat as locally and sustainably as possible. I have blogs about both!

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