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The Boxes Are Back!

I just picked up my first order from Eating Out of the Box this season and it resulted in a lovely impromptu dinner.

Here’s what came in my *small* box:

1 bunch assorted color carrots
1/2 dozen Asian pears
2 small heads of lettuce
1 bag arugula
2 bags of Asian-style greens
1 additional bag of what I think is bok choy
1 bunch of red radishes

This box was gifted to me for some assistance I’m lending to the program this season. I also ordered a couple more pounds of Asian pears and 5 bunches of lemongrass, which I immediately froze for future use in teas and soups.

So excited for the lemongrass!

For dinner, I sauteed one of the bags of Asian greens with some soy sauce, oil, ground ginger and ground black pepper. I added this to some kelp noodles (I’ll leave these out next time; they were an experiment).

Here’s a kickin’ Asian salad/dish topper for you:

1 handful raw cashews
1 healthy dash Sriracha
1 healthy dash sweet chili sauce

Saute the above together and prepare to be wowed.

Back to Eating Out of the Box. If you haven’t read about them on my blog before, check out their site. Easton residents can order fresh produce, meat and more through this service on a weekly basis — no season-long signup necessary. That is a huge advantage to this program. The produce is organic and everything is produced locally. I highly recommend you try it out!


The Haul: Yes-Even-in-February Edition

2013-02-22 22.17.20

That’s right, all through winter, I’ve been able to get fresh, local produce thanks to a couple local farms and a CSA. This morning, I went to a small farmer’s market that’s open every Saturday morning starting at 10 in front of Rise Up Coffee here in Easton. I stocked up on a lot of greens as that’s what’s available this time of year. I’m on a mission to get back to my pre-holidays self and so I’m back to basically eating meat, veggies and a little bit of fruit. I have a huge pile of greens with almost every meal.

This week, I bought:

  • Chard (I really wanted spinach, but this was the next closest thing)
  • 2 kinds of lettuce
  • Kale
  • Carrots
  • Sweet Potatoes

In the upper-right corner, you may have spied the topic of my next blog post. I didn’t get it at the farmer’s market this morning — those aren’t grown locally, of course.

The Haul: Late Edition

I didn’t get around to posting this earlier today — been super busy with yard work and getting the house ready for an out-of-town guest next weekend. Here’s what I picked up at the farmer’s market this morning:


Summer squash



(all of the above indicating there would be ratatouille in the very near future — see next post)

Not pictured: two pints of blueberries, a bunch of baby carrots and red leaf lettuce

I also picked up the above “Will Work For Food” t-shirt from Provident Organic Farm, where everything above (except the blueberries) came from.

AND I put my name down for a pasture-raised chicken for pick-up at the market next week! Provident doesn’t raise them, but a friend of theirs does. Can’t wait to try it!

The market also had local corn, but I still have some of last summer’s to use up. I’m making myself eat that before I buy fresh ears. For now…

My next stop was the Amish market, where I bought my usual organic quick oats, yogurt and milk. It was a pig-roast day though, with extra goodies for sale in the parking lot. I bought pulled pork, bbq sauce and a still-warm donut. Y-U-M.

Monday Munchies

Here’s some food-related news and more that I found today:

I didn’t know there’s a hydroponic farm in Queen Anne’s County that grows lettuce year-round. In this YouTube video (with gorgeous photography), Chesapeake Greenhouse’s owner explains that their system uses 1/10th of the water it would take to grow the same amount of lettuce in the ground. I found this video after Galway Bay Irish Pub in Annapolis posted it on their Facebook page. They’re one of the restaurants that serves this lettuce on their menu.

Why Do People Share Food Photos (infographic) — in case you’re wondering…

The current state of the meat-packing industry is not only bad news for the animals subjected to it, but also the workers in the factories. This petition encourages governmental agencies to force a slow down of meat-packing line speeds. I say, take it a step further. Stop supporting these huge conglomerates in the first place. There are plenty of small farms producing affordable, quality meat that’s much better for you and the local economy. Also? You don’t really have to eat meat every day. Or even every other day.

Protesters planned to milk a cow on Capitol Hill today as part of a protest against a crackdown on a farmer accused of shipping raw milk across state lines. Anyone ever tried raw milk or its derivative products?

Monday Munchies

Foodie news from around the interwebs that I happened upon today:

Lifehacker lets you know how to revive wilted lettuce.

The Baltimore Sun presents a statistical study of farmer’s markets and provides a link for finding a Maryland market near you.

Dogfish Head Brewery tells us all about American Craft Beer Week (May 16-22, 2011).

Want to garden, but have a tiny yard (like me)? Learn about vertical gardening.