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The Boxes Are Back!

I just picked up my first order from Eating Out of the Box this season and it resulted in a lovely impromptu dinner.

Here’s what came in my *small* box:

1 bunch assorted color carrots
1/2 dozen Asian pears
2 small heads of lettuce
1 bag arugula
2 bags of Asian-style greens
1 additional bag of what I think is bok choy
1 bunch of red radishes

This box was gifted to me for some assistance I’m lending to the program this season. I also ordered a couple more pounds of Asian pears and 5 bunches of lemongrass, which I immediately froze for future use in teas and soups.

So excited for the lemongrass!

For dinner, I sauteed one of the bags of Asian greens with some soy sauce, oil, ground ginger and ground black pepper. I added this to some kelp noodles (I’ll leave these out next time; they were an experiment).

Here’s a kickin’ Asian salad/dish topper for you:

1 handful raw cashews
1 healthy dash Sriracha
1 healthy dash sweet chili sauce

Saute the above together and prepare to be wowed.

Back to Eating Out of the Box. If you haven’t read about them on my blog before, check out their site. Easton residents can order fresh produce, meat and more through this service on a weekly basis — no season-long signup necessary. That is a huge advantage to this program. The produce is organic and everything is produced locally. I highly recommend you try it out!


The Haul: Black Saturday Edition, Plus Adventures in Dehydration

I’ve been traveling the past two weekends and didn’t make it to the Easton farmer’s markets. Yesterday, I did hit one of the farmer’s markets in Richmond with relatives and it was fantastic! Here’s what I picked up:

  • Cinnamon molasses cashew butter
  • Kettle corn
  • Fresh ginger
  • Oyster and porcini mushrooms
  • Gluten-free, egg-free pasta (made from corn flour!)
  • 2 phenomenal food truck fish tacos (gosh, were those good!)

I also ventured to the Penzey’s spice store in Richmond and picked up two sausage seasoning mixes, some poppy seeds, Chinese mustard powder and a Greek seasoning mix. I can’t wait to try the seasoning mixes.

For lunch today, I made some of the pasta with the oyster mushrooms. A pasta purist may have sneered at the texture of the pasta, but it suited me just fine. It’s been almost 6 months since I’ve eaten anything pasta-like.


Adventures in Dehydration

Dried apple and pear slices cooling off before jarring them.

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a dehydrator, which I mentioned in my last blog post. I’ve been experimenting with it a bit. Last week, I dried sliced apple and pear slices and they came out splendidly. Normally, I can’t eat raw tree-borne fruit, but once it’s cooked, I can. Drying the fruit produces the same result. The taste of dried fruit is closer to that of fresh, so I am ecstatic that I can eat the fruit slices.

I have more pear slices drying right now. I tried some of both dipped in the cashew butter I bought yesterday — so good! I’m pondering using some of the dried apple pieces in a future batch of breakfast sausage.

Last night, I dried the porcini mushrooms that I bought at the farmer’s market. This way, I can take my time figuring out how to use them in a recipe — I just need to pop them in some broth or hot water to rehydrate┬á before cooking with them.

Dried porcini ‘shrooms.